Dr. Christian M. Meyer

(Noam Chomsky)

Colorless green ideas
sleep furiously.

Scientific Software

DKPro is a collection of open-licensed software projects for natural language processing, which has been initiated by the Ubiquitous Knowledge Processing (UKP) Lab. I am coordinating the following projects:

DKPro Statistics – https://dkpro.github.io/dkpro-statistics DKPro Statistics
A collection of open-licensed statistical tools written in Java.
Java Wiktionary Library (JWKTL) – https://dkpro.github.io/dkpro-jwktl Java Wiktionary Library (JWKTL)
Efficient programmatic access to the online dictionary Wiktionary.
Java OmegaWiki Library (JOWKL) – https://dkpro.github.io/dkpro-jowkl Java OmegaWiki Library (JOWKL)
Efficient programmatic access to the online dictionary OmegaWiki.
Java OpenThesaurus Library (JOTL) – https://dkpro.github.io/dkpro-jotl Java OpenThesaurus Library (JOTL)
Efficient programmatic access to OpenThesaurus.

Scientific Data


UBY – https://dkpro.github.io/dkpro-uby UBY
A large-scale, standardized, and integrated lexical resource.

Further data projects:

  • Hierarchical Summarization
    Corpus, crowdsourcing and annotation guidelines for hierarchical summarization.
  • Live Blog Corpus for Summarization
    Approach to generate a live blog summarization corpus covering data from The Guardian and BBC.
  • DBS – A summarization corpus of coherent extracts
    The DBS corpus contains 93 multi-document summaries for 293 German documents about 30 education-related topics.

Experimental Software

  • Data-efficient Neural Text Compression
    In this project, we develop a general framework for Interactive Text Compression. We propose an interactive text compression model using active learning learning methods for data-efficient learning.
  • Diagnostic Reasoning
    Challenges in the Automatic Analysis of Students' Diagnostic Reasoning
  • Sherlock
    Interactive Summarization of Large Text Collections
    Active Preference Reinforcement Learning, for extractive multi-document summarisation
  • Document-level Stance Detection
    A Retrospective Analysis of the Fake News Challenge Stance Detection Task
  • Concept-Map-Based Multi-Document Summarization
    Structured summarization method based on concept co-reference resolution and global importance optimization.
  • Interactive Multi-Document Summarization
    A general framework for interactive multi-document summarization.
  • Detection of Cross-lingual Marketing Blunders
    Method, software, and data for getting started with a new NLP task: detecting marketing blunders.
  • MDSWriter
    A software for manually creating multi-document summarization corpora and a platform for developing complex annotation tasks spanning multiple steps.
  • InViEdit
    A web-based writing environment for evaluating intelligent writing assistance methods.
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